Copper Sky Sailing Adventures

What our guests have to say:

We have enjoyed sharing your love and respect for this beautiful part
of the world. Thank you for looking after us so well. Howa!” Petra &
Christopher C., West Vancouver

“A special experience we will never forget - thanks for the expertise
and knowledge.” Greg & Christine Smith., Alberta

“We’ll never forget this trip - great food, great places. Thanks for
everything.” Paul & Claude O., Ontario

“Thanks for a wonderful adventure! Great food - great fun!
Twila S., California

“Thanks so much for the awesome memories. Never had as much fun.”
Christina H., BC

“Everything we hoped for and more!” Lilah & Bud C., Missouri

“Unforgettable! Looking forward to my third visit aboard the
Copper Sky!” Debra A., Montreal

“Thanks (again! - this being my 2nd Copper Sky experience) for a great trip! The crew was as nice and accomodating as could be. A great time!!" Marsha A., Massachusetts

“ I had a great time. Copper Sky makes a very comfortable home. Thanks for the super vacation.” John B.

“This, my 21st trip to the “Misty Isles” has been my most spiritual and
memorable! ...” Wayne C., Victoria, BC.

“We all loved our adventures - from the great trips ashore to the
fabulous food and the wonderful crew - our heartfelt thanks” Bryan &
Sasha L.& Marie M., Maryland“

“We had a wonderful time. Our 1st experience on a trip like this-
Thanks.” Susan & Dixon B., Washington, DC

“Copper Sky and the Misty Isles fully met our expectations.”
Peter & Sheila R., Ottawa

“A splendid holiday and a new experience. Enjoyed the company, the food
and the adventure. First class all the way!” James K. W., Victoria, BC

“It was a dream come true (down to the smallest detail)...”
Marilyn & Bob S., Nova Scotia

“Magic!” Mike O., Australia

“The best trip of my life...Fabulous!” George H., Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you for a wonderful week. I will never forget being able to see
so many wild creatures with my own eyes instead of on film.”
Penny R., Essex, England

“Thanks for the good spirits and unbelievable food!” Carole H.,
North Carolina

“Thank you to all the crew for their kindness during this week.”
Lavigne A., France

“Delightful cruise, excellent crew - lovely companions!” Judy & Harvey
P., Indiana

“Great crew, great boat & blue whales!! Thanks!” Howard Hall.,

“A week to remember for a lifetime! Thank you!” Christina O.,

“We thank the captain, the dive-master and the whole crew for these
beautiful days we have spent on the Copper Sky!” Marcel & Rita Belet.,

“We have had a very special trip with very special and wonderfully
competent friends. Eleven on a scale of ten!! Many thanks." - Bill &
Anne Spencer, California

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