A) Natural History

The Great Bear Rain Forest
Killer Whales
Bears of the World
Whelks & Whales Field Guide
Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Natures Guide to the Pacific Coast

The Book of Whales
Whales of the West Coast
Natural History of North America
Whales Dolphins & Porpoises
Killer Whales
Wild Whales
Fishes of the Pacific Coast
Birds of North America - Field Guide
The Living Planet

Ian McAllister
Ford, Ellis & Balcomb
Terry Domico
Barnhart & Leon
Rick M. Harbo
Pojar & Mackinnon
Audobon Society
Richard Ellis
David A.E. Spalding
Edward Ricciuti
Mark Cawardine
David Jones
Biggs, Ellis, Ford & Balcomb
Dr.James Darling
Gar Goodson

B) First Nations

Exploration of the Queen Charlotte Islands
Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
Rediscovery - Ancient Pathways - New Directions

Paradise Won - The Struggle for South Moresby

Food Plants of the Coast First Peoples

The Indian History of British Columbia

The Queen Charlotte Islands of Places & Names (Book 2)

Native American Architecture

Islands at the Edge

This is Haida

Haida Monumental Art

Hunters of the Sea

Bill Reid

Indian Art & Culture of the Northwest Coast

Ninstints - Haida World Heritage Site
Guide to Indian Herbs
Growing Food on the Queen Charlotte Islands
Guide to Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Guide to the Queen Charlotte Islands
Queen Charlotte Islands 1774 - 1966 Volume I
Islands for Discovery
Legends of Vancouver
Indian Fishing
How Can One Sell the Air?
Wisdom of the Elders - Native Traditions on the Northwest Coast
Crests of the Haida

Newton H. Crittenden
Hilary Stewart
Thom Menley
Elizabeth May
Nancy J. Turner
Wilson Duff
Kathleen Dalzell
Peter Nabokov & Robert Easton
Douglas & McIntyre
Anthony Carter
George F. MacDonald
R. Stephen Irwin MD
Doris Shadbolt
Della Kew & P.E. Goddard
George F. MacDonald
Raymond Stark
Kinegal & Simpson
Beth Hill
Neil Carey
Kathleen Dalzell
Dennis Horwood & Tom Parkin
E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahiowake)
Hilary Stewart
Chief Seattle's Vision
Ruth Kirk
Hilary Stewart

C) Other Interests
Wood Carving
Call of the Coast
The Wind Came All Ways
Fish & Ships
Oceanography of the British Columbia Coast
Foraging Along the Pacific Coast
Nootka Sound
Climates of Canada - Camping & Wilderness Survival
Exploring the Coast by Boat
Fishing with
John Edith Iglauer
Hot Springs of Western Canada
Gulf Islands Explorer
Sea Kayaking
Guide to Climbing & Hiking
The Curve of Time
Beachcombers Guide to Seashore Life
Exploring the Seashore
The Last Grain Race
Sea Kayaking Canada's West Coast

Charles Lillard
Owen Lange
Andrews & Larssen
Richard E. Thomson
Peter Howorth
Heather Harboro
Paul Tawrell
Frieda Van der Ree
Peter Johnson
John Edith Iglauer
Glenn Woodsworth
Bruce Obee
John Dowd
Bruce J. Fairley
M. Wylie Blancher
J. Duane Sept
Gloria Snively
Eric Newby
John Ince & Hedi Kottner