British Columbia's

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
Ninstints Haida village

Skungwaii - Red Cod Island

The southern isles of the Queen Charlottes abound in colourful marine and bird life, and are endowed with ancient forests and a rich Haida cultural legacy.

When long days of sunlight induce great plankton blooms, a reaction triggers down the food chain, leading to a feeding frenzy which begins with huge schools of herring and other fish that gather to feast on the plankton. This, in turn, attracts migrating and resident whales and a high concentration of bald eagles. Bears forage along the shoreline.

A typical itinerary   will take us to the 'can't miss' places such as the principal villages, Hot Springs Island and Burnaby Narrows. But our voyages are also explorations of this vast area, and we always look for, and often find on each trip, at least one or another remarkable new place to add to our knowledge of Gwaii Haanas.

We usually travel about 4 hours each day, broken up by shore excursions with our inflatable zodiac boats two or three times a day. This wilderness area provides us with many options for safe and scenic anchorages that we rarely have to share with other vessels.

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