What You'll See and Experience on our Nature Cruises

Our Quest is to observe British Columbia's magnificent natural heritage, it's scenery and wildlife in a dazzling coastal wilderness of forest and stream, kelp bed and alpine meadow...

Humpback whales - Orca - Fin whales - Gray whales - Pilot whales - Pacific White-sided dolphins - Dahls porpoise...
Photographic seminars with an incredible variety of wildlife, including black bears, killer whales, seals, and sea lions
Witness a flow of life from one stage to the next in a myriad of contexts: from diving seabirds or the microcosm of a tide pool, to the dozens of creatures feeding on salmon carcasses.

Walk through open, moss carpeted ancient forests, along salmon streams, and over alpine meadows


View the spectacle of birds by the thousands, including bald eagles, rhinoceros auklets, ospreys, belted kingfishers, marbled murrelets, and more.Study the glittering night sky from a remarkably clear vista...viewed unsullied, where civilization has not left its mark.
Hot Springs
Hot Springs - Juan Perez Sound

Super Natural British Columbia - Canada's wilderness Pacific Coast
Enjoy leisurely kayaking or beachcombing
Partake in world-class sportfishing for salmon or halibut. We'll even cook your catch for you and serve it on the deck at sunset.
View ancient First Nations villages, incredible fjords and glacial river inlets.

With any luck, the Northern Lights may be seen during the laters stage of summer. If not, there are always the sunsets to look forward to.


Great Bear Rain Forest factoid: the area near Princess Royal Island is habitat for the rarely seen Kermodei Bear, which are white, but not albino, white bears. They are known to the Tsimshian First Nation as "Moksgmol" or ghost bear, spirit of the ancient rain forest.

Salmon & Trout Creek 
During August & September, salmon spawn
by the thousands
 Windy Bay
Nautical Sciences & Sail Training
During the fall and spring, we offer Intermediate and Advanced Sail Training Courses and Cruise and Learn voyages to sailors interested in qualifying themselves at handling & navigating a large sailing vessel in all weathers.

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